SAPA Elegance 52 – Curtain Walling

Conceived more than 25 years ago, the Elegance 52 is a comprehensive curtain wall system that offers a sloped glazing option to create stunning roof structures for commercial projects. This highly versatile system combines technology and design with the demands of contemporary building design and construction.

All Elegance 52 systems use a common substructure with a width of 52 mm, allowing a slim sightline whilst maintaining the necessary strength requirements for most applications. Weather performance, thermal insulation, building connection, ease of fabrication and installation are the key factors that influence the design of Elegance 52.

Elegance 52 is available in a number of variants, each providing unique design features:

Elegance 52 ST – Standard

Elegance 52 HL – Horizontal Lining

Elegance 52 SGV – Structural Glazed Vent

Elegance 52 SG – Structural Glazed Frame

Elegance 52 GF – Glazed Frame

Elegance 52 SX – Structural Glazing

Large Sizes

  • 4-50mm glazing thickness
  • 24mm, 28mm or 32mm glazing size as standard
  • Drained and ventilated glazing

Diversity of Applications

  • The system can be self-supporting or used in combination with a supporting structure
  • The Elegance 52 ST is able to accept tolerances and movements from thermal expansion, without sacrificing the weather performance

Diversity of Forms

  • Wide range of decorative cover caps providing design freedom
  • Cover caps can be combined to design visually interesting glazing
  • Mullions and transoms can be flush internally or different to complement the entire building design

High Performance

  • Air Tightness – A4
  • Water Tightness – RE1200
  • Wind Resistance – 3000Pa

Features & Benefits

  • Can be used in vertical, sloped or roof applications
  • Weather performance tested to CWCT standards
  • Extensive range of cover caps to create an endless array of external appearances
  • Easy to fabricate and install
  • High impact, colourfast and lead-free, ensuring it is better for the environment
  • Slim frame design with extra thermal insulation
  • Wide range of finishes with over 400 colours available