SAPA C160 Smart Line Slide & Lift-Slide System

Confort Smartline is an optimised, high performing, thermally insulated sliding door with a slim sightline. The system combines this highly attractive aesthetic line with remarkable energy efficiency with U values as low as 0.76 W/m2 k. The sliding door belongs to an entirely new generation of sliding systems thanks to technical innovation and well-considered design.

Confort Smartline profiles are coupled with 50 mm glass fibre reinforced polyamide strips, which reduce thermal conduction. These polyamide strips are specially designed in order to improve the thermal values, without adding extra internal inserts in the profiles. The bigger cavities between profiles are insulated with customised PE strips. The result is that Confort Smartline achieves a high thermal performance level and improved total insulation, leading to lower total energy consumption and a reduced environmental impact.

The confort smartline is available in a wide range of options including:

  • Slide and lift-slide version
  • Larger glazed surfaces
  • No additional profile for central sealing gasket
  • Sliding vent on the inside or on the outside
  • Equal sized profiles for slide and lift-slide
  • Optimised fabrication by use of clip connections, straight cuts, special end-pieces to a large extent
  • Multipoint locking
  • 3 vents beside each other
  • 2/3 of the windows can be opened
  • Same insulation pieces and sealing profiles
  • Slim interlock of 36mm
  • Available for slide and lift-slide versions

Large Sizes

  • Accommodates glazing sizes up to 53mm
  • Glazed areas up to 2.8m in height
  • Weight up to 330kg

Diversity of Applications

  • Confort Smartline Monorail
  • Confort Smartline 2-rail
  • Confort Smartline straight cut / 2-rail
  • Confort Smartline fix-sliding-fix solution

Diversity of Forms

  • Frame allows the floor finishes to be flush with the inner frame
  • 400 powder-coated paint colours in matt, gloss or satin
  • Bi-colour finishes available
  • Stylish and function handle options complete the high standard finish

High Performance

  • Air Tightness – 600 Pa
  • Water tightness – 900 Pa
  • Wind Resistance – 1800 Pa

Features & Benefits

  • Over 400 powder coated paint colours in matt, gloss or satin
  • Textured and textured metallic ranges are available
  • The combination of multipoint locking, safety glass and special hardware ensures a high resistance against forced entry
  • All profiles are easily cleaned and Aluminium does not rust, rot or tear and the shape will not deform
  • Easy to manufacture and install