SAPA Avantis 75 Tilt & Turn

The SAPA Avantis 75 is a thermally broken three-chamber window and door system, which sets the highest standards of thermal insulation and stability.

Avantis – Tilt and Turn

Avantis 75 tilt and turn window profiles have 3 chambers, coupled with 40 mm tubular shaped, glass fibre reinforced polyamide strips, which drastically reduce thermal conduction. The result is that Avantis 75 tilt and turn system achieves a very high thermal performance level and improved total insulation, leading to lower total energy consumption, a positive benefit to the environment.

The Avantis 75 tilt and turn system is available in four modular thermal values, to meet the specific requirements of the construction. The Avantis 75 accommodates glazing up to 60,5 mm for frame and 70 mm for vent. The system includes several weather barriers by means of specially designed gaskets, a large decompression chamber and internal drainage to assure perfect weather resistance.

The combination of safety glass and special hardware such as multipoint locking ensures a high resistance against forced entry.

The Avantis 75 tilt and turn possesses inward opening vents which have a co-extrusion central gasket for enhanced thermal and acoustic performance. All standard shade and ventilation systems can easily be integrated in Avantis 75 making it the ideal solution when very high performance and quality are major requirements.


Large Sizes

  • 24mm, 28mm and 32mm as standard
  • Vent weight up to 100kg
  • Glazing thickness up to 47mm

Diversity of Applications

  • Tilt-before-Turn and fixed lights available including frame couplers and curtain wall interface
  • Key-operated handle, with turn mode only with key inserted, minimises risk of user-injury and product damage

Diversity of Forms

  • Dual-colour finish available allowing for flexibility in internal and external design
  • Concealed hinges within the frame removing colour matching issues
  • 88mm sightlines maximises viewing area and incoming natural light

High Performance

  • Thermal Performance – A+ BFRC(UK) rating
  • Water Tightness – 600Pa
  • Air Permeability – 600Pa
  • Wind Resistance – 2400Pa

Features & Benefits

  • With over 400 powder coated paint colours in matt, gloss or satin.
  • Textured and textured metallic ranges are available.
  • Acoustic performance is greatly enhanced with multiple gaskets.
  • The combination of safety glass and special hardware such as multipoint locking ensures a high resistance against forced entry.
  • All profiles are easily cleaned and Aluminium does not rust, rot or tear and the shape will not deform. Aluminium is a “green” product: it can be recycled