SAPA DF 75 SI Aluminium Casement Windows

The SAPA DF 75 Si aluminium casement window’s thermal performance is outstanding, and was the first UK aluminium window to achieve an “A+” BFRC rating, plus its excellent performance characteristics make these commercial aluminium casement windows an ideal solution for today’s residential projects. The product is PAS 24 accredited and also “Secured By Design”.

Top hung, side hung and fixed lights available, including frame couplers and curtain wall interface. This casement system achieves highest class weather performance for water tightness, air permeability and wind resistance. Tailed gaskets and centre seal reduce thermal radiation and mean that costly foam inserts into the profiles are not required.

Large Sizes

  • Fixed lights – 5m²
  • Glazing thickness to 50mm
  • Vent weight to 100kg

Diversity of Applications

  • PAS 24 and Secured by Design compliant
  • Available as top-hung, side-hung or fixed lights
  • 88mm sightline maximises viewing area and increases incoming light

Diversity of Forms

  • Dual colour finish available allowing flexibility in internal and external design
  • Universal frames can be used with other Dualframe 75 Si products to create screen combinations

High Performance

  • Air permeability – 600Pa
  • Water tightness – 600Pa
  • Wind resistance – 2000Pa

Features & Benefits

  • The SI window suite can achieve an “A+” Window Energy Rating and where specified ‘U’ Values down to 0.9 W/m2K.
  • Aluminium does not rust, rot or tear and the shape does not deform.
  • Aluminium is a green product. It can be recycled infinitely without quality loss.
  • Over 400 powder coated paint colours.
  • Secured by Design compliant.