09 Apr 2024

Profile Systems Celebrates the Success of Kömmerling 76 with Launch of a New Dedicated Website

Profile Systems is delighted to announce the unveiling of its bespoke website for Kömmerling products, www.kommerling.ie. This launch is a significant milestone, celebrating over 28 years of partnership with Kömmerling and highlighting the remarkable success of the Kömmerling 76 series in the market. Recognised for its superior energy efficiency, sustainability, and adaptability to both commercial and domestic projects, the Kömmerling 76 range has become a favourite in Ireland, prompting the creation of a dedicated platform.

The Phenomenal Success of Kömmerling 76

The Kömmerling 76 window and door series sets itself apart through its innovative design and exceptional performance. Its success in Ireland is attributed to the following:

  • Unmatched Energy Efficiency: Kömmerling 76 leads in energy-efficient uPVC window technology, significantly reducing homeowners’ energy costs and contributing to a greener environment. The series achieves U-values as low as 0.65W/m2K, demonstrating its effectiveness in insulation and energy conservation across a variety of architectural styles, from residential homes to large-scale commercial projects.
  • A Leap Toward Sustainability: As Ireland’s first provider of fossil-free uPVC, Kömmerling showcases its commitment to the environment. By eliminating lead-based stabilisers in favour of non-toxic, eco-friendly alternatives, the Kömmerling 76 series stands as a pioneering solution in sustainable building components, paving the way for future eco-conscious construction materials.
  • Enhanced Home Security: Featuring advanced security technology with special glazing, burglar-resistant frames, fittings, and locks, the Kömmerling 76 range offers customisable options to ensure the utmost safety and peace of mind for property owners.
  • Superior Soundproofing for Healthier Living: Understanding the impact of noise pollution, Kömmerling 76 windows provide outstanding sound insulation, creating quieter, more serene living environments further enhancing the health and comfort of inhabitants.

The decision to launch www.kommerling.ie is driven by the Kömmerling 76 series’ incredible success. The website aims to connect customers with exceptional window and door solutions that embody the highest standards of quality and environmental stewardship. It serves as a testament to Kömmerling’s innovation and Profile Systems’ dedication to delivering the best in the market.

Profile Systems invites architects, builders, and discerning homeowners to explore the new website and discover the distinct advantages of the Kömmerling 76 range. As we celebrate the success of these products in both commercial and domestic projects across Ireland, we look forward to continuing our journey towards sustainability, security, and innovation.

Join us in embracing a future where cutting-edge design and environmental responsibility form the foundation of every home. Visit www.kommerling.ie to learn more about how the Kömmerling 76 series can revolutionise living spaces and contribute to a healthier planet.

For enquiries, feedback, or further information, please reach out to us at sales@profilesystems.ie